I am a 29 year old (nearly 30!) Scottish female who has set herself a crazy(!) challenge for 2015!

When I saw the madness that ‘Black Friday’ created when it came to the UK in 2014 I felt really disheartened.

What has happened to society to make us go so crazy at the thought of ‘saving’ money and getting the latest deal on something we don’t actually need?

I started to worry I’d also become caught up in this madness, and lost sight of my roots in outdoor play, nature and sustainability(!) so I decided to set myself a 365 day challenge for 2015…

…to not spend money on anything that isn’t essential…

This challenge isn’t about going without…

It’s about making do and not buying for no reason.

It’s about allowing myself time to reflect on what matters and what can’t be bought with money.

It’s about discovering what is truly ‘essential’.

I’m hopeful it will be an insightful experience.

Interested? Join me for a week, month or even the whole year!