About…Not Spending

The rules are basically simple…

I will not be spending any money…

…with the exception of bills, my commute to work and a very restricted food budget…for 365 days! Eeek!

The Small Print:- what still needs to be paid for?

My bills include a mortgage, utilities and a car. I aim to reduce these costs wherever possible through the fine art of negotiation (read **haggling**) with suppliers.

My food budget will be restricted. I grow the majority of my own veggies and I have chickens that give me a daily supply of yummy eggs!

I will cook all meals from scratch and I will avoid packaging wherever possible….of course the occasional chocolate bar may slip into some of my weekly shops as long as it’s still within budget.

The Small Print:- what will I exclude?

During the 365 days I will not buy clothes, makeup, takeaways, meals out, cups of tea, cinema tickets, drinks and so on…basically no thoughtless buying for the sake of it!

Friends and family: If you want to spend time with me let’s do something free!…a walk…dinner and drinks at mine…cake a yours…a trip to the park with your kiddies…

It also means if you receive a present from me it will be one I have made with thought and care and, most importantly, with love…sorry of it looks like a piece of shit…remember the love!

The Exception to the Rules:-

If I sell stuff I already have then I can spend that money. Time to clear out the cupboards!

I can also swap items with other people as long as there is no exchange of cash…I’m already writing a list of friends with good fashion sense!

I can use vouchers/coupons to buy things such as makeup, tickets etc – again as long as there is no exchange of cash.

Follow my progress over the year on my blog.